YES Linux Whitepaper

Arthur Copeland

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1. Overview
2. Features and Benefits
3. System Requirements
4. FAQ: Here are a list of Frequently asked questions
5. Glossary

1. Overview

This section will provide an overview of what YES Linux is and the problems that can be solved by using the product.

Small and Home Owned (SOHO) businesses have a harder time being profitable and getting online. Then once online trying to get customers to see value in their site verses the larger companies, with minimal investment. The reasons for that is because larger companies can afford to do one of many thing: have an in house information technology (IT) staff, out source all IT efforts, create extremely large budgets, buy smaller companies, make extremely large marketing campaigns. Where SOHO are usually under extremely small budgets with little to no computer experience. That makes it hard to be competitive and profitable in the ever growing wired world. So the challenge is how to build a suite of low cost to free products and services (P&S) that are all inter communicating and specifically designed for the needs of SOHO. The P&S must be able to be used either online or off line, because there are a lot of SOHO that aren't ready to be online but are interested in using the product.

YES Linux allows SOHO for the first time to be able to compete with larger corporations without having to have a large financial investment into an IT Staff. It allows SOHO to focus on making their business succeed and not on the technology to run their business.

2. Features and Benefits

These are some of features and benefits that are provided:

  • Easy Installation

  • Enterprise level Email aliasing (ability to create an unlimited number of email address that go to another address). For example if your email address if [email protected] you can also have the address [email protected] or [email protected] ... all go to the same email address [email protected]

  • Secure Web based administration

  • Enterprise level Web Server

  • Enterprise level Email Server

  • Enterprise level Firewall

  • Enterprise level Web based email

  • Enterprise level Database

  • Enterprise level J2EE Application Server

  • Automated Backups

  • SSL Enabled Web Server

  • Enterprise level Virtual hosting. This is the ability to have more than one domain name associated with your YES Linux appliance

  • Compatible with Web Services and .NET

  • Raid1 Disk mirroring

  • Java 2

  • Perl

  • Python

  • PHP

  • WebDav

  • SPAM Filtering

  • Website, Email, and System Statistics

  • Extensive Third Party Application

  • Compatible with RedHat Linux 9.0

Benefits of running and using YES Linux, are that it allows SOHO to focus on their business not on the Technology that runs their business. It does this in a low investment high return financial way. By providing all of the Services in a single solution SOHO can start to cancel some of their external costs. Examples of such services are Web Housing , Email Housing , and Backups on third party servers. That means if your ISP goes out of business or you get frustrated with that Provider you can easily switch to another one with the security and confidence that you know where all of your business data resides. Therefore the SOHO is empowered to make the decision based on your needs not the needs of the ISP.

3. System Requirements

  • Any i686 class machine. This machine will be dedicated to the task of running the SOHO business. Recommended AMD Athlon, AMD Duron, Intel Pentium or Intel Celeron

  • RAM Minimum 128MB, Recommended 256MB

  • Broadband Internet connection - Cable, DSL or Satellite

  • Static IP - (Preferred not mandatory)

  • One Ethernet Card

  • Disk Space Minimum 4GB, Recommended at least 6GB

  • CDRom for installation

  • Any Monitor

  • Any Graphics card

  • Mouse not required

  • Sound card not required

4. FAQ: Here are a list of Frequently asked questions

Q: What does YES Linux compare to?

A: YES Linux is comparable to either Microsoft Small Business Server 2000-2003 which sells for $1499.99 or Apple MacOSX Server which sells for $999.99.

Q: Are there any third party applications that are compatible with YES Linux or are we locked into only using YES Linux tools.

A: Since we are completely compatible RedHat 9.0. You can use any one of those platform compliant applications on YES Linux. Some examples of such applications are the ability to add Fax Server capability to YES Linux, User SPAM filtering, or Anti- Virus.

5. Glossary

YES - YES Linux. An appliance capable of running any SOHO company cost effectively and efficiently. All with being financially feasible.

YEA - YES Linux Authorized Administrator. This is an entity that has been certified by YES Technology Association as capable of installing and administering YES Linux.

IT - Information Technology. This is a department in a company that specializes in computers and technology. They allow a company to advance their technological capabilities. In other words the company does not have to focus on technology and not just their business.

P&S - Product and Services

RAM - Random Access Memory. This is the name for the Memory in your machine. For example 128MB of memory

MB - Mega Byte 1MB = 1,000,000Bytes. A unit of measurement. Usually used when describing memory or hard drives.

GB - Giga Byte, 1GB = 1000 MB. A unit of measurement. Usually used when describing memory or hard drives.

Mhz - Mega Hertz. A unit of measurement that is the clock speed of the computer and therefore, the speed of a computer. The greater the number the faster the computer.

ISP - Internet Service Provider. This is the company that provides the physical connection to the Internet.